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Privacy Policy | Voiicr

Voiicr is committed to maintaining transparent relationships with its Users. For this reason, it makes its Privacy Policy available for access and consultation by everyone. This Privacy Policy should be read and interpreted together with the Terms and Conditions of Use of Voiicr and other documents that regulate the relationship between Voiicr and the User, as they are complementary and inseparable documents that, together, provide the User with important information on how to interact with the Voiicr Platform. Please carefully read all the rules established in this Policy, and if you do not agree with its conditions, do not register with Voiicr.

What is regulated?

It is through this Privacy Policy that Voiicr informs how User data and Voiicr data can be used while the User and Voiicr are in a relationship. The Privacy Policy is applicable even after the end of the relationship with its Users, as long as their data is retained on the Platform.

Upon registration, the User provides data that enables the offering of IP telephony services performed through the Voiicr Platform.

Why are your data requested?

The data of Users are necessary for Voiicr to individualize the User and offer them a protected IP conversation experience.

The data provided by the User will be used ethically, in compliance with applicable laws, especially the rules of the Marco Civil da Internet. All data will be kept in secure data centers, with transfer only through encryption.

By working with Partners who can offer other services, Voiicr transfers the obtained data to Partners who need the provided data to provide additional services. Partners will be bound by privacy rules equal to or similar to those rules established in this Policy.

Other data from the User may be requested directly by the Partner to complete the offer of any solution intended by the User. In this case, the User must pay attention to all privacy rules presented by the Partner.

User Account Data and Information Collection

Voiicr is authorized to organize and manage the collected data, with the use of such data being linked and intended exclusively for the purposes of the Platform.

The information provided by the User must be true and complete. The provision of false or incomplete data by the User will result in the adoption of appropriate civil and criminal measures.

Voiicr does not record or store any content transmitted by the User while the service is provided.

The Voiicr UC, Pocket Landline, and Duo Softphone applications use third-party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Link to the privacy policy of third-party service providers used by the application:

What Personally Identifiable Information of the User is Requested?

Voiicr will use, in the Voiicr UC, Pocket Landline, and Duo Softphone apps, for access control, the username, landline or mobile phone, and application access password.

Voiicr will also use non-identifiable information for diagnosing errors and problems that may arise in the apps or on the website, with such data being encrypted and all personal data removed.

Children's Privacy

These Services are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. We do not intentionally collect personally identifiable information from children or teenagers under 18 years of age. If we discover that a child or teenager under 18 has provided us with personal information, we immediately delete this data from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and are aware that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us so that we can take the necessary actions.

Can the provided data be used for other purposes?

All provided data is used exclusively to ensure the contracting of solutions offered on the Platform in the safest and most advantageous conditions for the User.

Will the data be disclosed to authorities?

Whenever a competent authority determines the submission of data from Voiicr Users, such data will be presented in the manner established by law. Voiicr emphasizes that it will not inform the User about such determination, as this practice may violate or hinder the intended purpose of the requesting authority.

Other Data

In addition to the information provided, to make the User's experience safer and more personalized, Voiicr may capture data about the access device used by the User, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, equipment codes, information such as access date and time, and the use of a file (cookie) implanted on the User's device to track and store browsing information such as visits to pages and advertisements. Voiicr's cookies do not store or transfer voluntarily unprovided personal data by the User, and they do not search or collect information recorded on the User's device.

If the User configures their device to restrict cookies, the Platform may not function properly on this device.


The User must keep their data up to date and true, being able to access the Platform and change their information whenever necessary to reflect real and truthful information.

The data provided will never be manipulated or altered by Voiicr or third parties.

Access Login and Password

The access login and password created by the User are personal, confidential, and non-transferable. Whenever such data is provided or transferred to third parties, the User acknowledges and assumes all risks of such practice, and Voiicr is not responsible for the storage of access information by the User, in any virtual or non-virtual tool.

Voiicr always recommends the adoption of strong access logins and passwords that have no direct relation to the User's daily life, such as festive dates, phone numbers, and other easily identifiable data by third parties.

User Relationship

Voiicr and its Partners are authorized to contact the User and communicate with the User through phone calls, email, or SMS.

Voiicr and its Partners never send emails requesting data such as login and password or providing links for access to other pages. Whenever in doubt, take no action and contact Voiicr.

Device Security

For the User's protection and to use the Platform, the User must always have up-to-date computer programs, including specific programs for detecting and preventing virus attacks and other forms of attacks on the User's device.

Violation of the User's account due to the use of outdated programs or the non-use of antivirus programs will fully exempt Voiicr and its Partners from any damage caused to the User.

Access Links to Third-Party Sites

The Platform may provide links to access third-party sites. Whenever accessing such links, the User must be aware that Voiicr disclaims any responsibility for the content, policies, and other rules of use of the accessed site.

Android and iOS App Permissions

For the correct operation of the Android and iOS apps Voiicr, Duo Softphone, and Pocket Landline, we need to have access to your contact list (phone contact list). A copy of your contact list (phone numbers) will be sent and stored on our servers and will be used for the following purpose: show who among your contacts has the app installed; To display the contact's name when receiving a call from the Voiicr, Duo Softphone, or Pocket Landline App.

Update of this Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed whenever deemed necessary. Therefore, the User should always check the latest version available on the Platform before accessing their account on the Platform.

Voiicr and Platform Data

Finally, the User acknowledges that all information provided by Voiicr is confidential and, therefore, must be kept confidential.

Dispute Venue

The court of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil, is elected as competent to settle any disputes related to this Privacy Policy.


If you still have any questions or comments, the User can always contact Voiicr via email or by our phone 0800-025-2001, and there is also availability for contact through chat on the Voiicr Platform.